Conference 2003


FEBRUARY 21-23, 2003

Silencing Dissent: Categorization, Regulation and the Patrolling of Identity

Friday, February 21, 2003


Welcome and Introduction of Keynote speaker

Christine Sleeter, Adrienne Dixson, Carol Wright


Keynote Address

Pedro Noguera, PhD
Judith K. Dimon Professor in Communities and Schools, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

“The Role of Sociological Research in Responding to the Challenges Confronting Urban Schools”



Saturday, February 22, 2003

Panel One: Rethinking Race & Racism: Explorations of Key Analytic Concepts

8:45-10:15 am

Amanda Lewis, PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago. Race as Symbolic Capital: Understanding the Direct Effect of Race on School Outcomes

Tyrone Forman, PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago. Color-blind Racism and Racial Indifference: The Anatomy of Racial Prejudice in the Post-Civil Rights Era

John Diamond, PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago. From Individual to Institutional Habitus: The Role Of Schools In Generating And Reinforcing Dominant Cultural Values.

Break: 10:15am-10:40am

Panel Two: Race, Identity and Latino Youth


Eddie Fergus, PhD, Metis Associates, Inc. “I Can Pass As Anything Except White”: Mexican And Puerto Rican Students’ Accounts Of Self-Identification And External Interpretations Of Their Skin Color

Melissa Moreno, University of Utah. Trans(local)national Identities and Social Networks: Theorizing Practices and Notions of Leadership

Kristen Hull Cortes, University of California-Berkeley. “I’ll See You One Spanish Girl, Raise You One Mien Boy:” The Sorting Mechanisms At Work (And At Play) In An Urban Elementary School

Lunch, 12pm-1:00pm

Panel Three: Sociological Effect of Empowerment: Identity Development, Delinquency and Surveillance


Jennifer Obidah, PhD, University of California at Los Angeles. From “‘Behavior Student’ to ‘Juvenile Delinquent’: Transforming Student Identities through the School to Juvenile Court

Kiran Katira University of New Mexico, The Arrested Racial Identity Development Of East Indians

Tryon Woods, University of California-Irvine. Education for Decolonization: Situating September 11th

Panel Four: Sociological Perspectives on Identity and Pedagogy


Nina Asher, PhD, Louisiana State University. At the Interstices: Postcolonial and Feminist Perspectives on Identities and (Multi)cultures in Education

Nikola Hobbel, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Regulating the Imagined Subject: The Making of the Multicultural Teacher

Theodorea Berry Ed.D, University of Illinois at Chicago. Black on Black Education: Engaged Pedagogy for/by African American Students in a Teacher Education Program in the South

Anita Leal-Idrogo, PhD, San Francisco State University & Nathalie D. Mizelle, PhD, San Francisco State University. Interracial Interaction Disability?: The Case Of African-American Women And Latinas In Higher Education.

SEA Business Meeting, 4:00-5:00pm

Dinner, 6:00-7:30 pm


Keynote Address

Joyce King, PhD
Distinguished Fellow, Southern Education Foundation, Atlanta, GA and Visiting Scholar, Agnes Scott College

“Anything But African OR Transformative Black Education for Human Freedom?”



Sunday, February 23, 2003

Panel Five: Transformation in the Margins: (Re) Reading and
(De)Inscribing Institutionalized Constructions of Identity.

9:00am-10:45 pm

David A. Quijada, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, (Re)Situating Youth Culture: Dismantling Oppression through Youth Coalition Building

Patricia D. Quijada, University of Wisconsin – Madison & Leticia Alvarez, University of Wisconsin – Madison, (Re)Claiming Indigenous Parent-Youth Relationships: Negotiating Cultural Identity and Parental Practice.

Enrique Sepúlveda, University of California, Davis,Creating and Competing for Social Space: The Agency and Voice of Chicano and Mexican Immigrant Youth in a Continuation High School

Thao Mai, University of California, Davis, Conflict and Authenticity in Vietnamese Immigrants Students’ Negotiation ofIdentity in a Campus Organization

Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo, University of California, Davis, (Re)Reading Identity from Behind the Mask: Disability and Transformation in a Patient Community

Break: 10:45am-11:00am

Panel Six: Sociological Perspectives on Racial Categorization and Technology

11:00 –11:50am

Natasha Howard, University of New Mexico & Ricky Lee Allen, PhD, University of New Mexico. The Latin Americanization of the Racial Order: Rethinking
the Social Context of Multiculturalism in the U.S.

Anthony Villarreal, University of California-Santa Cruz. Virtual Braceros: A High-Tech Industry/High school Partnership and the “Digital Divide” in Silicon Valley, 1980-2000.


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