Conference 2013

Friday, February 22nd
3:00-4:30pm 4:30-4:40pm
2013 SEA Conference
February 22-24, 2013 Asilomar Conference Center
Pacific Grove, California
The Social Context of Schooling: Educational Inequality in a Changing Society
Welcome: Bob Ream, University of California—Riverside and SEA President
Michal Kurlaender, University of California—Davis and 2013 SEA Program Chair Session 1: Tracking, Curricular Stratification, and School Reform
[Chair: Catherine Riegle-Crumb]
Miya Tamiko Warner, Teachers College- Columbia University
“New York City Small High School Reform and Student Course-Taking”
Ilana M. Umansky, Stanford University
“English Learner Classification and Tracking: Does It Harm Student Learning?”
Joanne W. Golann, Princeton University
“The Promise and Perils of Teaching Social and Behavioral Skills at a ‘No Excuses’ School”
Jason Giersch and Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
“How the Intersection of Standardized Testing with High School Tracking Effectively Maintains Inequality in College Performance”
Keynote Speaker: Sean Reardon
Professor of Education and Sociology, Stanford University
“Income Inequality and Education”
6:00-7:00 pm
7:00-8:00 pm 8:00 pm
Saturday, February 23rd
Session 2: Family Structure, Neighborhoods, and Intergenerational
Mobility [Chair: Irenee Beattie]
Megan Andrew, University of Notre Dame
“Reproduction, Mobility and Inequality in the Intergenerational Transmission of Mothers’ College Quality”
Argun Saatcioglu and Thomas M. Skrtic, Kansas University
“Family Structure and Student Achievement for the Truly Disadvantaged”
Caren Arbeit, University of Minnesota and Christopher Weiss, New York University
“Do Non-Traditional Patterns of Mothers’ School Attendance Benefit Children’s Educational Outcomes?”
Pat Rubio Goldsmith, Texas A&M University, William Velez, and Marcus Britton, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
“Upward and Downward Residential Mobility and Educational Outcomes”
Juli Simon Thomas, University of California – Los Angeles
“Variation in Parental Displacement Experiences and Children’s Educational Outcomes”
Session 3: School Engagement in Diverse Learning Environments
[Chair: Anysia Mayer]
Sean Kelly and Deng Peng, University of Pittsburgh “Changing Patterns of Engagement in the Elementary Years”
Kara K. Finnigan, University of Rochester and Burke Scarbrough, University of Minnesota- Duluth “Interdistrict Choice and School Diversity”
Carl B. Frederick, Kaisa Snellman, and Robert D. Putnam, Harvard University “Growing Class Differences in Extracurricular Participation”
Stephanie C. Smith, University of Florida
“Using Elaborated Codes in Preschool: Language Codes Acquisition Among Children in Differing Head Start Programs”
Saturday, February 23rd continued
Session 4: Testing Accountability and the Achievement Gap
[Chair: Michal Kurlaender]
Sean F. Reardon, Erica Greenberg, Demetra Kalogrides, Kenneth A. Shores, and Rachel A. Valentino, Stanford University
“Left Behind? Achievement Gaps in the NCLB Era”
Douglas Lee Lauen, Jennifer Jennings, and S. Michael Gaddis,
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and New York University
“The Effect of Cumulative Exposure to Accountability Pressure on Grade Progression in Primary and Secondary School”
Elizabeth Covay, Michigan State University
“Classroom Composition and Racial Differences in Opportunities to Learn”
Jonathan M. Bearak, Jennifer L. Jennings and Daniel Koretz, New York University and Harvard University “Gender Differences on Standardized Tests”
Session 5: Stratification in Postsecondary Outcomes in the U.S. and in Comparative Contexts [Chair: Eric Grodsky]
Catherine Riegle-Crumb, Barbara King, and Chelsea Moore, University of Texas-Austin and Florida International University
“Do They Stay or Do They Go? Examining the Association between Gender Composition of Field and Men’s and Women’s Decision to Switch College Majors”
Anne McDaniel, University of California – Irvine
“The Cross-National Gender Gap in Adolescent STEM Expectations”
Thijs Bol and Herman G. van de Werfhorst, University of Amsterdam “Education and Technology: Income Inequality in Comparative Perspective”
Rachel Baker, Daniel Klasik, and Sean Reardon, Stanford University
“Race, Income, and the Stratification of College Enrollment Patterns, 1980-2010”
Julie Posselt, University of Michigan
“You’re Looking for the Brightest, Most Creative People You Can Find”: Faculty Conceptualizations of Intelligence in Graduate Admissions”
Business meeting
Keynote Speaker: Prudence Carter
Professor of Education and Sociology, Stanford University
“Why We Must Examine the ‘Soft’ Structures of Schooling, Too”
Sunday, February 24th
Session 6: The Role of Teachers & Teacher Beliefs and Attitudes
[Chair: Sean Kelly]
Chris Torres, New York University
“Divergent Values and ‘Silenced Voices’: What Is Best for Kids at No Excuses Charter Schools?”
Jane Rochmes, University of Michigan
“School Contexts of Empowerment and Helplessness to Overcome Students’ Social Disadvantage An Examination of How Schools Shape Teachers’ Beliefs about What Is Possible”
Emily K. Penner, University of California – Irvine
“Treatment Heterogeneity in the Effects of Teach For America: Revisiting the Mathematica TFA Experiment”
North Cooc, Harvard University
“The Effect of Teacher Perceptions of Disabilities on Student Engagement”
Session 7: Social Contexts and Educational Aspirations
[Chair: Demetra Kalogrides]
Alma L. Zaragoza-Petty and Estela Maria Zarate
University of California – Irvine
“Latina Trajectories to College: The Role of Mathematics, Family and Teachers”
Audrey Devine-Eller, Grinnell College
“Advising Regular Kids in the College-for-all Era”
Megan M. Holland, Harvard University
“College Aspirations for All and Community College for None: Stigma and Face-Saving in High Achieving High Schools”
Jolene McCall, Chenoa Woods, and Estela Zarate
University of California – Irvine
“Teacher Perspectives of their Role in Students’ College Access”
vConclusion of Conferencev
Poster Sessions
Kelly Becker, James E. Rosenbaum, and Kennan Cepa, Northwestern University
“Turning the Question Around: Do Colleges Fail to Meet Students’ Institutional Expectations?” [Assigned Mentor: Eric Grodsky]
Mary Ellen Cashen, University of California-Irvine
“Sex, Class and Career and Technical Education in U.S. High Schools” [Assigned Mentor: Sean Kelly]
Jordan Conwell, Northwestern University
“Is There a Black Immigrant Paradox?: K-8 Test Outcomes for Black Immigrant and Black Nonimmigrant Students” [Assigned Mentor: Bob Ream]
Krista Craven, Mark M. McCormack, and Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein, Vanderbilt University
“Navigating the margins: How a culturally responsive and relevant pedagogical framework can inform the creation of a positive developmental out-of-school context for African American male youth”
[Assigned Mentor: Roslyn Mickelson]
Joanna Geller, Vanderbilt University
“Typologies of School and Civic Dispositions in High-Poverty Schools and Their Influence on School Dropout” [Assigned Mentor: Russell Rumberger]
Shelva Hurley, Claremont Graduate University
“Socioeconomic Status and Higher Education Access in Post-Apartheid South Africa” [Assigned Mentor: Irenee Beattie]
Meghan Mordy, Colorado State University
“What Pushes Poor Youth Out of School in El Salvador?: How Schools Contribute to Dropout in the Global South” [Assigned Mentor: Sarah Ovink]
Jennifer Nelson, Emory University
“Rewards at Work: Using QCA to Identify Combinations and Thresholds of Rewards to Keep High-Achieving Teachers in Urban Schools”
[Assigned Mentor: Anysia Mayer]
Kenzo Sung, University of California- Berkeley
“Teaching Them to Earn a Living: Unemployment, Race and the Formation of the 1968 Bilingual Education Act” [Assigned Mentor: Jennifer Jennings]
Chenoa Woods and M. Estela Zarate, University of California-Irvine
“Kids on Campus: An Evaluation of an Early College Outreach Program” [Assigned Mentor: Catherine Riegle-Crumb]


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