Past Conferences

2018 Conference
“Educational Resources”
Speakers: Roberto G. Gonzales and Thomas M. Smith

2017 Conference
“Power and Schooling in the 21st Century”
Speakers: Steven Brint and Amanda Lewis

2016 Conference
“Contradictions in Education: Patterns and Consequences”
Speakers: David Labaree and Brian Powell

2015 Conference
“Trajectories of Educational Advantage and Disadvantage”

Speakers: Karl Alexander and Lois Weis

2014 Conference
“Understanding Educational Contexts and Inequalities: Influences and Outcomes “
Speakers: Amy Binder and Adam Gamoran

2013 Conference
“The Social Context of Schooling: Educational Inequality in a Changing Society”
Speakers: Prudence Carter and Sean Reardon

2012 Conference
“40 Years of Research: Sociology, Education and Equity 1972-2012”
Speakers: Karl Alexander and Patricia McDonough 

2011 Conference
“Equality of Educational Opportunity and Educational Policy “
Speakers: Christopher Jencks and Thomas A. DiPrete 

2010 Conference
“Social Relationships, Schools, and Student Outcomes”
Speakers: Annette Lareau and Robert Crosnoe 

2009 Conference
“Moving Up or Moving Out: Social Inequality in Educational Transitions”
Speakers: Claudia Buchmann and Russell Rumberger

2008 Conference
“Higher Education Access and Success: Identifying Successful Pathways”
Speakers: Michael Nettles and Patricia Gandara and Gary Orfield

2007 Conference
“School Contextual Effects on Educational Outcomes for Diverse Populations”
Speakers: Jacquelynne Eccles and William Trent

2006 Conference
“Social Capital and Educational Achievement”
Speakers: Ricardo Stanton-Salazar and Barbara L Schneider

2005 Conference
“Critical Issues in Urban Education: Sociological Perspectives”
Speakers: Gloria Ladson-Billings and Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco

2004 Conference
“Education and the Law: Sociological Perspectives On the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education”
Speakers: Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, Honorable Cruz Reynoso and William H. Watkins

2003 Conference
“Silencing Dissent: Categorization, Regulation and the Patrolling of Identity”
Speakers: Pedro A. Noguera and Joyce Elaine King

2002 Conference 2002
“Race, Ethnicity, and Urban Education in the 21st Century: The New Demographic Context & Its Sociological Implications”
 Jean Anyon, Samuel R. Lucas, Michele Foster

2001 Conference
“Dangerous Dialogues: Talking Through the Complex Texture of Class, Race and Gender”
 Joseph R. Feagin and Walter R. Allen

2000 Conference
“Educational Stratification: Past and Prospects”

Speakers: Joel Spring and Ronald Corwin

1999 Conference
“Difference and Power:  Issues of Race, Social Class, Gender and Language”

Speakers: Donaldo Macedo and Roxana Ng

1998 Conference
“Will the “Public” in Public Education Survive School Reform?”
Speakers: Herbert Gintis and Michael Apple

1997 Conference
“Stratification of Educational Opportunities in an Era of Waning Affirmative Action”

Speakers: Troy Duster and Gary Orfield

1996 Conference
Immigration and Schooling


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